Episode 5

How to be a confident designer

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In this episode

Jeremy and Malin talk about David Kelley and how the framework of human centred design is empowering creatives and non-creatives alike to tackle new challenges. We also discuss how you can feel more confident when you present to clients and how to get the confidence to charge more for your work.  


IDEO worked with INFARM to develop a full business solution for their vertical farming offer. From developing an app to strategy, this is a great example of how IDEO think very holistically and focus on what people respond to with their human centred design process. 


Even if you never want to actually sell your business, this is a great book to help take yourself out of the business and find ways to improve your process. In the book, we follow a fictional design agency as they productize their services, find ways to sell better and focus their business. It is great if you want to get better at explaining what you do and feel more confident in your work. 

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