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Build the creative business you always dreamed of

You started your business to have more freedom, but now you feel overwhelmed. Our goal is to help you organise and automate tasks that take up too much time so you have more energy for creating and having a positive impact with your work. 

running a design business
Graphic Designers

Who are we?

Creative Hold was started by us, Malin and Jeremy. We run a branding studio for sustainable businesses who want to have more impact.
As we were getting to know other creatives, we realised that most people have the same questions, but we were all missing a place to share our thoughts and help each other out. 
Being avid problem solvers, we launched Creative Hold as a one-stop-shop to build a business that works for you. Friendly, actionable and always here.



Michelle's review on Skillshare

This class was excellent! I really enjoyed the instructor, Malin as well. Her teaching style is very informative and engaging, and her personality is great too. I am looking forward to watching the other courses presented by her as well. :)

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