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End scope creep and run a profitable design business with automated content collection

No more delays as you wait for files from clients. Kayla collects and organises your content with automated reminders so you can keep projects moving, impress your clients and get those final invoices out the door.

Say goodbye to scope creep today. No credit card needed.


Take back control of your design projects without clogging up your inbox. See how Kayla can get your projects unstuck. 

How it works


Schedule requests for the files you need

how kayla works


Your client submits their files in the easy drag and drop portal

content requests


Kayla reminds your client about any missing content and organises your files so they're ready to use

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how to onboard clients

Let Kayla do the on-boarding for you

Save time and impress clients with a smooth onboarding experience

Set up requests for all the files you need at the start of a project, and Kayla will make sure your client knows what to send and when. All the files will be waiting for you when you need them. 

Collect content without lifting a finger

Keep projects moving with automatic reminders

No need to keep chasing for files. Kayla reminds your clients when a file is due, so projects stay on track. Clients don't need their own account and can reassign tasks at the click of a button.

automate your business
cloud storage tool

Organise your files in one place

Never lose a file again!

Stop spending hours searching your inbox for previous versions. All your files will be organised, time-stamped and shared with your team via a single dashboard. You'll always be able to find a file, even if a project is paused or team members change.

Create your own file structure

Flexible to fit your workflow

Whether you're collecting files from your in-house team, multiple freelancers or clients, Kayla makes collaboration easy. Organise by project, client and deadlines and manage access so they right people get the right files.  

how to work remotely
project management for designers

Plenty of secure storage to use as you like

Accept all file types and sizes

No more lost email attachments, confusing shared folders or transfer links that expire. From small text files to giant movie files, you can store it all in Kayla. And with plans based on storage, it is easy to add more space when you need it. You only need one plan per company and can add as many contributors as you like. Simple!

Keep clients coming back for more

Make file-sharing easy for clients so they trust your process

With a single, easy-to-use dashboard, it is easy for your clients to see which files they've sent and which are outstanding. No need for multiple apps or accounts - all they need to do is click a link. 

client file sharing

Try Kayla FREE for 30 days

Ready to get your projects moving? You can test Kayla with your whole team and unlimited projects completely for free, no credit card needed.  

No credit card info needed

Frequently asked questions

How does your pricing work? 

All our plans include unlimited team members, projects and requests - you just pay for the storage space you need and you can easily upgrade as your business grows. Each company only needs one plan, regardless of how many users you have.

Who is Kayla for?

We built Kayla with creative companies in mind but any business who wants a more organised workflow can have just as much help from the platform. The setup is super flexible so regardless of your company size, you can create a setup that works for you.

What type of support is available?

We know that everything running smoothly is key to great project management - it's why we built Kayla! If you have a question, want to suggest a feature or would like a demo, send us an email and we will help you out. 

To make life easier for you, we have also built in on-boarding for your clients directly in Kayla. Contributors can select to watch a video to learn how to submit files in case they feel unsure. We are all about automating the content collection for you so you can focus on creating. 

If you still have a question, check out our full FAQ list.

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