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Lead to retainer guide

Learn how to manage projects from the first phone call to an ongoing relationship. Creative businesses grow from referrals and retainers, this guide will help you increase both. 

  • You have a few leads coming in but would like more return clients and retainers.

  • You would like to improve your design process to save time and increase the quality of your work.

  • You want to feel more confident in meetings

What to expect

Who is it for?

We take your through each step of the design process and look at how to prepare, what to ask and how to make the client feel excited about your work. 

We will also look at ways to protect yourself from scope creep and tools to make your life a lot easier.


  • Introduction

  • The first meeting

  • The proposal

  • Contracts & Invoicing software

  • Discovery meeting

  • Persona template

  • Road map, mood board & stylescapes

  • Concept meeting

  • Handoff

  • Happy clients

Sometimes your concepts are not a good fit because the business you are designing for has changed their focus. If this happens, you have to go back to the discovery stage. If this change was not part of the initial scope, bring this to your client’s attention and renegotiate the scope. It is much easier to recover from a slight increase in the budget than from poor designs that end up in a cycle of revisions.


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Free resources

Turning marketing into leads

We go through every step from finding your niche to creating your day to day content. This guide is for anyone running a creative business who wants to generate a steady income without spending all their time on marketing. 

Client Onboarding checklist

Those first interactions with your client are really important to make sure the project runs smoothly. We look at how to avoid scope creep and tools you can use.