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Creatives shape the future, we need more diverse voices

From city planning to the ads and websites we see every day - design has the power to alter the way we see ourselves and each other. With so much power, diverse voices with integrity and optimism have never been more important in the creative field.


Unfortunately we are far from there, with minorities only making up 11.4% of creative positions and only 11.5% of directors being women. 

what can we do?

We think there are three steps to change:


Empathise more by reading stories from other creatives and our articles on improving inclusion, sustainability and building a business.  


Apply to be featured in our series 'creative

voices' - everyone is welcome!

Tell your story

Take Action

Join the community to speak to other passionate creatives and explore the archive of initiatives to get involved in.




The facts

We want to democratise creative businesses

Big events and big ticket courses are not an option for everyone, especially when you are just starting or growing your creative business. We want to help you build a sustainable business you love working in regardless of your starting point. We have tons of content on building your portfolio, project management, sustainable design and much much more.


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