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4 unconventional ways to leverage your social media and grow your business

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

The word "social" is often ignored when people think about marketing, but engagement and real connection with people online is usually much more effective than posting something and leaving the site. People who interact with you on social media are most likely not ready to buy from you just yet. One of the most effective ways to get work from social media is to drive traffic to your site where you can then provide more in depth and tailored information that speaks directly to their needs. The purpose of your social media is therefore to increase awareness, interact with potential clients and generate quality traffic. When we say quality, we mean people who visit your site because they are interested in the product or service you offer. Once they arrive at your site, you need to create an easy path for them to take the action you are looking for. Today we will look at the benefits of a strong social media strategy so you can use the content you already produce to grow your business.

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  • Increase credibility

  • Use your influence as a selling point to win clients

  • Learn more about your audience

  • Build a passive income stream

Increase credibility

Having a strong social media following with a lot of engagement can help communicate credibility to both clients and potential collaborators. To clients, seeing that you have a strong social media account could help them see the value of good design and creativity. For collaborators, you having a big audience means you can provide more value if you team up or cross promote.

Use your influence as a selling point to win clients

Marketing that feels organic is almost always a selling point to brands. If you post work you create as part of your portfolio, this can be a big selling points to brands since they will get exposure right from the start. You can choose to offer this as part of your service or you can choose to go the influencer route and charge for posting about the brand, the possibilities are yours! If you choose to charge for your posts but have never done it before, CPC strategy put out an article about what you can expect to charge as a guideline.

Learn more about your audience

Nothing is more helpful when you try to get more clients than listening directly to their wants and frustrations. In a way, your social media account can be the perfect place to ask people questions and have a low stakes discussion. This will not only increase your engagement but it will give you valuable information that you can remember when you speak to potential clients in the future. If you would like to take a more quantitative approach, Instagram or Facebook polls could be right for you. Make sure you phrase your question in a way that feels engaging and give clear options.

Build a passive income stream

If you would like to offer a product, downloadable guide or even a video course, driving the right type of traffic to your site is a great use of social media. If you find that most people following and interacting with you are other creatives rather than clients, don't despair. Try offering something directly to them. A great example of this is how Nesha Woolery has expanded her creative business to now offer a community and paid courses to freelancers. This can work as a passive income to your business and uses knowledge your already have. Being seen as an expert in your field typically have other benefits as well, such as referrals from other creatives.

Good luck with your social media and please ask to join our Facebook community to ask your questions directly. See you there!


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