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6 design books to help you grow and feel inspired

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Few things can have such a big impact as the right book at the right time. We are all on the prowl for new ideas, and frankly, it can be exhausting. Each of these books helped me at a point where I felt stuck and gave me the motivation, information and inspiration I needed to grow our company to what it is today. I hope they can do the same for you.

design books

Graphic Design Visionaries

By Caroline Roberts

Genre: Graphic design

Who is it for: Lovers of the design masters and the history of the trends we see today

About the book: Get a peak at the lives of designers like Paul Rand and Massimo Vignelli. With a timeline showing the key events from their careers and highlighting their most famous creations, this book is like a history lesson for designers.

In the Company of Women

By Grace Bonney

Genre: Inspiration

Who is it for: Lovers of art, design and a good look at inspiring creatives and their process.

About the book: Learn from successful women in all fields about their lives, how they create and everything in between. The book also features wonderful photos from each woman’s studio so get ready to remake your place after seeing all this inspiration.

Solving product design exercises

By Artiom Dashinsky

design book

Genre: UX design

Who is it for: Someone looking to prepare for an interview for UX design or if you are looking to get an inside peak at how larger agencies work.

About the book: With really clear tips and instructions, this book takes you through different types of UX exercises to improve your skills and prepare you for a potential interview. If you are a fan of hands on advice, this book is for you.

The Sustainable Design Book

By Rebecca Proctor

Genre: Product design

Who is it for: Those passionate about reclaimed materials and innovative shapes

About the book: From furniture to personal accessories, this book is a great way to open our minds to new materials and ways of creating pieces. With wonderful product shots, this is not only a great source of inspiration but also the perfect coffee table book.

Making and breaking the grid

By Timothy Samara

Genre: Print and graphic design

Who is it for: Those curious of the design tricks that make something look right

About the book: If you ever looked at a piece of design and felt at ease, this is the foundation for how it came to be. Grids are the invisible foundation that creates balance but breaking them can also create interest. I am a visual learner and this book is examples galore, ideal for perfecting your print designs.

How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul

By Adrian Shaughnessy

Genre: Growing your business

Who is it for: Someone who feels stuck or unsure about their creative career.

About the book: If you feel unsure of how to start on your own, or if you feel stuck in the everyday work of running an agency, this is the perfect guide to get back on track. The clear sections mean you can find advice for exactly what you need regardless of your situation.

Did we miss your favorite book? Share it with us and get more tips on how to grow your business in our our Facebook group!


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