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6 unique portfolios you have to see

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

This list of portfolio sites is a little different. Rather than showing you sites that inspire us in general, we decided to present portfolios solving a common problem. From how to find out what to say about yourself to making a site people can't stop exploring, let's indulge is some jaw dropping sites!

design portfolio


  • Best use of copy and messaging

  • Masters of simplicity

  • Reflecting your personality

  • Targeting both creatives and clients

  • Solving the "all the domains are taken" problem

  • Using Behance as a second portfolio

Best use of copy and messaging

If you have ever used the time tracking app Toggle, you might be familiar with this bold site from designers Leigh Whipday and Jonny Lander. Everything from the copy to the graphics of this portfolio show personality. I especially like the detail of describing themselves as a “partner rather than a resource...Basically, your new BFF”.

Masters of simplicity

If you love simplicity, this is the perfect inspiration for you. Using a monochrome approach to their own branding and minimalism, they really let the work be the hero. Each case study is laid out in great detail, starting with the background and using an array of applications to show how the work comes alive.

Reflecting your personality

This is definitely the wildcard of the bunch, in the best possible way. This site had me glued to the screen, testing out every button. Resembling a retro computer, this portfolio site by Illustrator and Designer Mariano Pascual is full of delightful surprises. Try clicking the different buttons in the navigation to reveal unexpected pop-ups, options for you to redesign the site and delightful sound effects.

Targeting both creatives and clients

More and more creatives are using their knowledge to create a separate income by offering support to other creatives. The big question is, how do you split your site to cater to your clients and the creative community? Spruce Rd. have solved this in a great way by creating separate landing pages for each audience. This ensures that whoever is reading can connect with the message and feel like you are talking straight to them.

Solving the “all domains are taken” problem

When you are setting up your site, you might encounter the impossible task of finding a domain that matches your company and doesn’t cost a years salary. Friends is an agency focusing on using design to build a more sustainable and positive future. They made a clever decision with the web address, using rather than the company name. If you can find a word that reflects the emotion, ethos or idea you want to represent, it can be a great option.

Using Behance as a second portfolio

I wanted to include a Behance example in this mix since it can work as a part of your marketing strategy. Behance already has a ton of traffic so even though you still want to have your own website, it is a great place to be discovered. Farm design are the perfect example of how to tell a story through your Behance portfolio.

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