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Best client Christmas gift ideas

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

The holidays are approaching and now is a great time to reconnect with your customers and show them some love. After all, your business would look very different without them. Gifts don't have to cost much (or anything) but they are a great way to stay top of mind with your customers - we usually have a few clients reach out every year to ask for more work after we send them a little thank you.

Here are 8 tips for the perfect client holiday gift.

client gift ideas

1. Make your gifts sustainable and thoughtful

The holidays are often a time when companies and people in general get bombarded with things they don't need or want. Rather than spending a lot of money or buying another big set of plastic pencils with the company logo, try to think of ideas that last and that you can create yourself or source from smaller sustainable brands.

2. Create a custom item

You probably know your customers really well after working together. A customised gift can be a great way to show that you care and pay attention. Many companies offer custom print - like creating a custom wine label.

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This is the perfect way to flex your design skills and create a happy surprise at the same time! Try adding their company logo or make a custom Holiday graphic you use for all your clients featuring a thank you message.

3. Send a tasty subscription

Everyone loves a treat and your idea does not have to be limited by the holidays. Find a subscription service that fits your client and sign them up for a few months on you. For example, if your client is a pet insurance company, you can send them dog treats. If they are a fitness company, perhaps tasty protein pancakes can be a good option. The big upside - if your gift arrives three months in a row, you will be remembered for much longer.

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4. A personal message can be the best way to connect

Gifts don't have to cost you anything. Take the time to sit down and write a personal message about your customer and wishing them happy holidays. You can take a look at their social media and congratulate them on a big win and let them know that you really value them. Don't make the message pushy or salesy. Instead, just focus on writing something that feels personal and genuine. For extra impact, you can design a nice card to go with it or purchase a beautiful design from a seller on Etsy or local artist. A handwritten card often gives a better impression and is something they might put up in the office.

5. Build the relationship with a private community

It is much easier to get work from past clients than it is to acquire new ones. Considering this, you can create exclusive guides/tips/resources that only your past clients can access. By inviting them to a private group where you share tips once a week or offering them to join an exclusive email list just for receiving custom tips, you maintain contact and build up a better relationship over time.

6. Gift your services

The end of the year is often when we start to evaluate our own business and start to think of ways we can improve. If you have a new service you want to offer, try gifting something that adds value to your clients but also leads them to your new service. For example, if you want to start selling animated films, you could offer a free meeting to discuss film ideas for your client. Knowing them from before, you can be ready with suggestions for directions and how it would help their brand. Always make sure you value your time and don't do any work for free that you could have charged for. Instead, you are using this time as a marketing opportunity by reconnecting with a client that already like your work.

7. Gifts that make life easier

Being at work usually means you have a lot to do. Consider your client's business and think about ways to make their day a little nicer. Things like a wireless phone charger, a scent diffuser or other helpful gifts are often very appreciated. This is also a great opportunity to support companies that have a positive impact, like this phone charger from Power a life where the company gives a solar light to a child in a developing country to help with their studies for every charger you buy.

8. Do something together

If you and your client have worked together a lot and have gotten to know each other, doing something together could be a great way to show appreciation. From inviting them for a holiday brunch to attending a sport event together (or for a virtual chat when restrictions are in place), find something that your client will appreciate. Make sure that the amount of money you spend is linked to the size of the clients yearly spend with you so you don't find yourself literally eating all your profits.

Do you have a great gift idea we missed? Join the Facebook community and share your ideas and questions with other creatives.

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