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Client hand-off packages

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

A client handoff package has two functions. The first is to wrap up any questions that you anticipate getting. This will save you a lot of time since many of the questions will be the same for every project. The second and most important reason is to say thank you and encourage further collaboration between you and the client. Having return clients will save you a lot of time marketing and retainers can really reduce the feast/famine cycles. The hand-off package can be created once and customised to fit the project to save you a lot of time.


  • Wrap up the questions

  • Get them excited

  • Show your hidden skills

  • Ask for something

  • Suggest a package

Wrap up the questions

Which logo version should I use for social media? how do I publish a blogpost? These and many more questions might feel very familiar to you. It makes sense that clients feel unsure and would rather ask than make a mistake, and that is great! However, if you feel overwhelmed or if the same questions keep popping up, it could be better to create a cheat-sheet rather than answer questions individually. This is another opportunity to add your branding to a document that will be used over and over and helps the client feel more supported and at ease.

A great way to decide what to include is to look at old questions in your inbox.

Get them excited

A great way to open someones eyes to new opportunities is to show new and exciting ways the design can be used. For example, if you have designed a new brand for a client, consider placing their logo on a mockup that reflects their industry and feels aspirational. This will often spark new ideas and the client can reach out to ask for a quote.

Show your hidden skills

Even if you have a very clear niche, chances are you provide services your client is not aware of. By adding a list of the services you provide, you increase the chances of more work or a referral if the client knows someone with other creative needs. You can choose to add prices to each service or just ask for the client to reach out for a custom quote.

Ask for something

This is the perfect time to ask for a referral. Your client is excited about the design and the experience of working with you is still fresh. Some companies decide to ask for a referral, an online review or perhaps a testimonial for your website. It can feel overwhelming to the client if you ask for all three so consider which will help your business the most. A great way to help your client remember to write a review is to send them a review link to your Google listing.

Suggest a package

Many times, clients need ongoing help with updating their site or design of marketing materials or internal documents. A great way to keep the relationship going is to suggest a retainer or a bank of hours they can use towards everyday support. For a free guide on how to go from a lead to a retainer, join our Facebook community.

Do you have a favorite tip we missed? Join our Facebook community and spread the wisdom!


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