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Designing Annual reports

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

The true purpose of an annual report is to highlight what went well and where you can improve. Despite the corporate looking bricks you might have in mind, any business can have an annual report, even if it is just you! Maybe especially if it just you. It is easy to keep going, looking at your social media and website traffic now and then, but do you actually know what really worked this past year?

Do you actually know what really worked this past year?

For many, it is tax season and this is the perfect time to look back at your finances, clients and marketing and make a plan for the next year. Being a creative, this is also an opportunity to create something share worthy that can bring in some extra work. We are not suggesting you put your turnover figures on Instagram, but take some of the jaw-dropping layout you create and put it to good use.

Making a report for yourself can also help you feel more motivated and serious about your business. If you find yourself feeling a little lost trying to grow, an annual report is perfect because you can use it as an action plan for next year.

We found some great examples of annual reports to get your inspiration going.

Workplace Gender Equality Agency

We had to start with some outstanding diagrams. As part of a larger rebranding project, Ascender created a clear, engaging and effective annual report for The Workplace Gender Equality Agency.

inclusive design

Surface to Sky

Many companies send their annual reports to stakeholders and investors. Designer and Motion artist Maria Rodriguez helped Surface to Sky, a clean energy brand, create an annual report without the cliches. If you are not sending the report to someone, you can still make your designs part of your brands design system to make it quicker in the future when you need marketing materials for your own business.

graphic design

STW Group

Taking a full on magazine approach, designers Geoff Courtman and Derek Samuel bring out the people behind the company with custom illustrations in different styles. The brief was to give investors a greater insight into what Australia’s largest communications group does. They show the importance of creativity across the entire business and the different illustration styles demonstrate that STW has carefully chosen each company to sit within their portfolio.

print design


Sometimes you need to get reminded of those key figures. Perhaps you put the nicest feedback you got from a client or maybe you go straight to financial figures. Whatever direction you go, creating a nice design for those facts you should have in the back of your mind is a great way to stay on track. Find some inspiration from the on-brand and clear annual report for ANDE made by Eighty2degrees and Laura Lin.

brochure design

Personal report

UI and Graphic Designer Jermaine Boca decided to take the events happening in a full year and make a report of her life. From social media to concerts, the combination of typography, layout and colour makes you just want to keep on reading.

print design

project management

Good luck with your designs and please ask to join our Facebook community to share what you created. See you there!


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