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Editorial illustrators to get inspired by

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Editorial illustration can be found in magazines and newspapers. Now that most issues have moved from news stands to online publications, creatives are tackling even shorter attention spans and an endless variety of topics. Besides grabbing your attention, editorial design tells a story. They can often help us see an issue from a different perspective or address something we never paid attention to. To create something that evokes emotion, the illustrator needs to conduct a lot of research or have a deep understanding of different viewpoints. Today we look at six illustrators who have each found their unique style.

Known for bold colours and surreal illustrations, this Berlin based designer creates pieces that captivate you. The work often references fashion, travel and urban culture.

illustration inspiration

Few illustrators are able to communicate difficult topics in such a striking way as Davide Bonazzi. Race, financial problems, freedom of speech and societal pressure are all addressed in a way that makes you stop and think.

illustration magazine

Maite has a unique skill of making highly detailed designs clear and impactful. The use of contrast and depth creates little worlds ready to explore.

detailed illustrations

Often using highly conceptual ways to convey common problems, Josh Holcroft's work is a study of human behaviour. From election hacking to mental resilience, big ideas are condensed to clear and impactful imagery.

editorial illustrations

Using a light and optimistic illustration style, Clare Owen's work is focused around lifestyle and beauty topics. We see a lot of beautiful imagery from nature mixed with scenes from people's everyday life.

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By using colour and selected areas of detail, Leonard Dupond can draw our attention to key areas of the work. Many of the pieces give a feeling of the future being mixed with everyday life and the textures give more depth to the work.

best editorial illustrators

If you have some lovely work to share or a favorite illustrator you would like us to feature, please join our Facebook group and spread the wisdom!


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