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Getting out of your comfort zone to grow your business

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Comfort zones are a funny thing, perhaps nice for your evening relaxation but when it comes to building your business, it is always good to push the boundaries a little. I love to sit at home and make plans but getting out and holding talks, going to events and leading strategy meetings have all been things I learned to love rather than something that came naturally. The more you try new things and start getting comfortable in new situations, the more you will be able to grow and improve your business. Let's have a look at 5 things that you can do to stretch that comfort zone a little in ways that will directly make you a better business person.

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  • Working on your process

  • Being open about knowledge gaps

  • Trying new techniques and programs

  • Taking a step back

  • Charging more

Working on your process

One of the things I have found the most helpful for growing my own business is to continuously improve my process. With process, I mean the steps I use for creative projects, the tools I use, the way I speak to clients and in essence any part of going from enquiry to handing off files to a client. Instead of feeling comfortable in the process I have, I try to think about times when a client got confused, asked questions or when something didn't work as well as it could. One example is our contract. Each time something comes up that I wished we had made more clear, I add it to our contract for the next project. This way, you will get better and better every time you take on a new client.

Being open about knowledge gaps

It is tempting when you are in client meetings or talking to other creatives to seem like you have it all together. But sharing things you find difficult can be a great opportunity to get tips from someone who has been there before and it can also build trust with your clients. If you are asked to take on a project you have not done before, let the client know. Either you can tell them that this will be your first time attempting this but you are happy to give it a try, or you can tell them you are not a good fit. This shows your clients that you care about doing a great job and next time when they need something you can help with, they will feel comfortable knowing that you are an honest and transparent person to work with.

Trying new techniques and programs

We tend to love the program we know and the techniques we use because we get good at them. That is great, but getting out of your comfort zone and experimenting with new tools, creative fields and techniques can be a great opportunity to see things from another perspective. Go to a class to learn pottery, visit a creative meet-up and test animation for the first time or just experiment with a new program in your free time at home with a nice cup of tea.

Taking a step back

One of the hardest things to do when you run a business is to hand over the reigns to someone else or take time off. Recovery and time spent relaxing is essential for keeping our creativity and finding new influences and sources of inspiration. Create a network of people that can support you when you take time off, like a virtual assistant or another creative. This way, clients are getting the attention you need and you the rest you need.

Charging more

Assuming your work is good, one of the most important factors for charging more is confidence. When we put a higher price tag on our products and services, it feels uncomfortable. It is easy to question if we are worth it and if work is slow, you want to make sure your potential client says yes. In the long run it is much better to stand your ground and know your worth. If someone does not have the budget to work with you, say no. If you say yes, the time you spend working without a profit could have been time spent finding a client who can afford your prices. If you want tips for what to charge, have a look at our guide for pricing creative services.


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