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How to productize your services

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Many creatives struggle to describe their services and their value. With every client being different, it can seem impossible to create neat packages where one size fits all. However, framing your services in a more traditional “product” framework can actually bring you more and better business. Read on to find out if productising your design services is right for you.

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  • What is productizing?

  • Who does it work for?

  • Different types of packages

  • Personal touch or online service?

  • Get started

What is productizing?

Even though flexibility is mostly seen as a good thing, it can leave your potential clients feeling confused and unclear of what you offer. A product has clear parameters. You buy something upfront, knowing exactly what you will receive in the end. You can apply this to services and still offer flexible, but in a way that clients can understand and buy in to.

Productising your services means you create a template for what steps you will go through and what you will deliver to your client.

Despite every solution being unique, the ingredients are the same between projects.

For example, let’s say you specialise in branding for small businesses. Most companies will be looking for a logo, style guide and some help with brand strategy. Despite every solution being unique, the ingredients are the same between projects.

Knowing this, you can list the steps you or someone in your team needs to complete to create the deliverables for a branding project. They might look something like the list below:

price design

When a potential client asks what you offer, you can now say “our branding package offers both a brand strategy, a logo and a style guide. We have three meetings while designing to make sure you will love the end result”.

Easy to understand means easy to sell.

Who does it work for?

If you are stretching yourself too thin by offering too many services, productising your business can be a great way to reclaim your life. Often times you will find that many of your services can fit one umbrella description. For example, print, social media banners and exhibition stand design can all be packaged as “promotional materials”.

If you would ever like to sell your business, making yourself less crucial to projects is key. By creating a list of steps like the one above, any designer can take over and still provide the same quality service.

Last but not least, if you have a hard time explaining your value and services to a client, creating a productized package can help you improve your sales.

Different types of packages

You can create a different package for each of the steps in your sales funnel.

To build trust and let clients know about your business, you can create a package around your advice such as scoping sessions, coaching or even an E-book. This can be a low cost option that puts you on their radar and invites further collaboration.

You can create packages for your main design services such as website design, branding and illustration. These typically have larger budgets and are a one off project to the client. Whiskey & Red are an example of how 3 packages offer enough variation but does not overwhelm your client.

brand packages
Brand packages by Whiskey & Red

Perhaps the most desired type of packages, retainers are perfect for productising. When a big project is nearing the end, suggest one of your support packages such as hosting, brand implementation or ongoing support. Retainers are a great way to minimise the typical feast and famine cycle and bring a more steady income.

Personal touch or online service?

Some companies have taken the product approach one step further and allow their clients to order the design online by filling out a form. This approach can work great for projects where the client simply needs someone to execute on clear instructions, but can become problematic if stages like strategy, revisions or content get drawn out.

PSD2HTML have done a great job in creating an online ordering experience that allows them to scale without needing a fancy office.

Get started

  • Consider your most profitable and enjoyable services

  • Bundle any services that are similar to go under one umbrella term

  • Create a list of the steps involved

  • List the benefits and deliverables for each service

  • Create a great portfolio piece to show for each package

  • Add a testimonial to each package

  • Add a call to action button like “book your meeting” or “sign me up”

  • Start marketing your packages!

Have you tried to productize your services, let us know how it worked for you? Join the discussion on our Facebook group!

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