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How to work while you travel the world

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Working from your laptop can bring a lot of freedoms. In theory, you can work from anywhere and it can be a great opportunity to experience a new culture while keeping those pay checks coming. Sometimes, a new place or encounter is the best recipe for creativity.

But how do you find that balance between discovering a new place and still stay productive and on top of your timelines? Here are my favorite tips to help you get more done and have more time for relaxation.

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  • Plan out your work hours

  • Bring a power bank

  • Make use of the time difference

  • Plan around the internet access

  • Be realistic about your productivity

  • Automation is your friend

Plan out your work hours

One way to get some great work in without missing out on any fun is to find the local "quiet" times. Whether it is during the Siesta times in warmer climates or Rush hour in really big cities, find a nice cafe or create a productive setup from your hotel and make the most of these hours.

Another concrete way to make great use of your time is to create a schedule. If left open, most people tend to fill the available time with any given task and time can fly past. Planning in free time might not seem very spontaneous but it is a great way to keep those hours work-free and help you stay productive.

Bring a power bank

Not every place you visit will have an outlet. Prevent running out of juice by always leaving your house fully charged and with a power bank. A power bank is easy to bring with you and might be the saviour that allows you to send off that last important email before your customer goes to sleep.

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Make use of the time difference

Time differences can be a great way to separate work from free time. If your clients don't start work until 3pm your local time, use the mornings to explore the city you are in (or perhaps have a well deserved sleep in once in a while). Be aware that your clients and customers will want you to work on their schedules, so make sure that your meetings don't always end up starting at 3 in the morning.

Keep an eye on the time zone when you send or receive meeting invites and try to schedule appointments when you are most prepared during the day.

Plan around the internet access

When travelling, your internet access might not be as reliable as you would like. Make sure you know a few places that you can always turn to for good internet access and make sure you have enough time to get there before a meeting. Keep in mind that every country is different when it comes to public transportation and what time of the day things get busy. Avoid getting stuck in traffic by finding out the best times to travel and have a few different options in mind.

If you will stay abroad for an extended period of time, consider purchasing a hotspot that you can always bring with you. Every country has different options and some phone companies allow you to set one up with your existing contract.

Be realistic about your productivity

At first, it might take some time to adjust to your new environment - 4am pancakes to get over jet lag anyone? Try to avoid planning important deadlines when you expect to be tired and think about your goals for the trip. Are you ok just earning enough cover your costs and have more time for travel or do want to put some extra money away for when you get back?

Keep in touch with your team

Even if you are the sole person in your business, it is always great to keep in touch with potential collaborators and fellow creatives. Use a chat tool like Slack to talk to everyone and easily answer their questions when you work in different time zones.

Automation is your friend

A surprising number of tasks can be automated. Posting to social media - automate it with Buffer or Later. Sending emails - schedule them right in your email client instead.

Making these changes mean you can interact with your clients and followers regardless of the hour and keep up those great relationships.

Do you have a great tip we missed? Join the Facebook community and share your ideas and questions with other creatives.

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