Inspiration - Colour crush

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Colour! So simple and yet so difficult to pick that perfect combination. Today, we are indulging in exciting new combinations from some of the best creatives out there. Have a browse to find inspiration for your projects or just keep looking because you need some more colour in your life. We wanted to make the job a little easier for you so we added the hex codes for each combo.

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Girls Organic Lab

by Sweety and co.

Flying objects

by Peter Tarka

Platonic solids

by Carl Kleiner

Pink glow

by @jasminedowling

Barrie Connor

by Soap design

Global fund for children

by Belu

Pastel funiture

by Silvia Orlandi Puntini

Welcome to the jungle

by Violaine & Jeremy

Deep sea

by Theo Payne

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