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Must-follow creative Instagram hashtags

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Instagram can be a great source of inspiration but just like all social media, it has a tendency to get cluttered with a ton of similar content. In the last few weeks, I took a deep dive in to Instagram to find new inspiration from unique creators to fuel upcoming branding projects. I managed to find 5 hashtags that are perfect for taking you out of the type of images you are used to seeing and get you excited about trying something new. These work for anyone working with a visual medium but many of the post descriptions are also great examples of copywriting and brand communication.

design hashtags


Who doesn't love type? From bold and modern to beautifully handcrafted script, this hashtag is perfect for inspiring passion projects and client projects alike. I especially like to use it to find a new style to practice, sort of like a mini-challenge for myself.

the daily type

Sometimes you need to step away from your usual inspiration sources (I am looking at you Pinterest) and find new ideas somewhere else. The creativityfound hashtag is the perfect place to find anything within the creative universe, from pottery and needle point and digital design.

creativity found

Mainly curated by the AIGA eye on design team, this hashtag is sure to help you find bold colour, interesting typography and often a play on retro vibes.

eye on design

It is exciting to see how more and more brands are getting involved in social impact projects or starting social businesses. Any purpose driven business needs to be great at communicating how they are different, what impact they have and why they make certain choices. Therefore, this hashtag is great for anyone interested in improving their messaging or communication their work better.

social impact

It is easy to get stuck in one style of creating and that is why I love this hashtag. Mixed media opens so many doors to new ideas and it also gives you an opportunity to try a technique or style you have never used before.

hashtag ideas

If you know of a great hashtag we missed that any creative should follow, join the creative community and share it! We are a very helpful and friendly bunch who like to support each other. See you there!


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