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A creative dream office

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

It is not surprising that your workspace is one of the key things affecting productivity and happiness at work. More and more creatives work remotely, from home or in co-working spaces. If your workplace feels temporary or if you have a lot on your plate, it can be hard to prioritise decorating. On the other hand, most of us have seen those Instagram posts and About pages which get us all excited about hand lettering our walls and borrowing a frenchie.

Pool tables and open desks aside, today we will look at some aw-inspiring workspaces and show how you can replicate them. All budgets and styles welcome! We are giant cheerleaders for looking in local charity and antique shops for your finds. Good for the wallet, world and your sense of adventure.

Indulgent botanics

Does a walk in the enchanted forest help you think? This botanic inspired wallpaper and Sandalwood scented candles from Edinburgh Candle Company will make your day. Edinburgh Candle Co is supporting women in long-term unemployment so by making your own office a little nicer, you are also helping others gain new skills that can benefit their work lives.

Shop the look:

Botanics removable wallpaper

Sandalwood scented candles

Clean and organised with IKEA

home office
Image source:

Looking for more light and organisation? The IKEA SKADIS peg board comes with a range of options for hanging, pinning and clipping items in place, perfect for mood boards and stationary. An easy tip to create a more midcentury feel are these bamboo legs from IKEA.

Shop the look:

IKEA peg board

Midcentury legs

Minimalist prints

Split personality

Trying to please everyone or dividing your home in to work and spare time? This colourful design embraces everyone's own style while the symmetry holds the room together. Statement rugs are a great place to find the colour palette for your room.

Shop the look:

Kilim rugs from Love Rugs

Rugs from Anthropologie

Side tables

Scandinavian Jungle

home office design
Image source:

Bring in some more calm and oxygen with plants, physical and prints. Natural materials and soft furnishings with texture can make the room feel cosy and warm even if you go for minimalism.

Shop the look:

Botanical prints

Bamboo lamp shade

Rustic and relaxed

Is your company all about making people feel at home? Reclaimed wood, brick walls and a hint of industrial makes for an inviting and relaxing work space.

Shop the look:

Reclaimed wood table

Edinburgh Tool Library (for those brave enough to make their own furniture)

Industrial lighting

What is your favorite office tip to stay creative and feel relaxed at work? Join the discussion on our Facebook group!

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