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Start your own design business


Preparing to go freelance and setting the right goals

Checklist for part 1:

  • Ask: Why do you want to start your own business?

  • Plan ahead: time, equipment and financial buffer

  • Decide on what services to offer

  • Narrow down and find a niche

  • Understand your customers

  • Set a vision for your business: what will a typical day look like?


Registering your business, contracts, invoicing & insurance

Checklist for part 2:

  • Pick the right legal structure

  • Register your business (visit your government website to find out how)

  • Sign up for business insurance

  • Keep clear records of invoices, expenses and copies of receipts

  • Use an accounting software to make life easier


How to work with clients 

Checklist for part 3:

  • Create a great routine - how do you want to work day to day?  

  • Write down a clear process

  • Find a project management tool that works for you. Our favorite options are:


Portfolio and marketing

Checklist for part 4:

  • Have your own website, not just a social media account 

  • Describe how you add value to clients and collaborators

  • Add case studies with as much detail as possible

  • Use your existing network

  • Create accounts on 1-2 social media platforms and focus  

  • Attend in-person networking events (or online ones during COVID-19)

  • Join facebook groups to learn and network

Collect files from your clients quick and easy

Get ready for automatic reminders, organised folders and time stamped files. Try Kayla for free now!

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