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Super Power Agency

Creative writing non-profit

Gerald from Super Power Agency talks about how to empower young people to realise their creative talents and how to run a charity in a sustainable way. 

Read the story and watch the video of their recent book release and to see how you can get involved. 

creative studio

Sarah Leonie Lewis


Sarah talks about finding your own career path, being open to change and how she took the leap to start her own design and branding agency. 

Read Sarah's story to learn more about how design can affect our lives, how to stay motivated and why it is important to see things in a positive light

web design

Gavin Morrice

Website and App Developer

Gavin talks about how creative experiments at home sparked his interest in creating software and how we can prepare for more competition in the future.  

Read Gavin's story to get actionable advice for starting your own business and tips on where to find UI inspiration.

art for good

Elisa Guietti

Visual Artist & Holistic Therapist

Elisa talks about how she realised she could combine her passion for art and therapy to help people connect with themselves.   

Read Elisa's story to see how she found her creativity again and how to take care of yourself as a new business owner. 

project management for designers

Jeremy Jusoh

Brand Strategist & Art Director

Jeremy talks about how design can change how we see the cities we live in and what motivates him to create every day.  

Read Jeremy's story to learn how to grow your business by building strong relationships.


Heather Sawers

Jewellery Designer

Heather speaks about her inspiration from architecture and how she is growing her jewellery business while working full time. 

Read Heather's story to learn how to use opinions and feedback to improve your designs and stay motivated.

Photo credit: Johnny Inch Photography

copywriting tips

Louise Shanahan


From working in Government to running her own company, Louise's road to working in creative has a lot to offer. 

Read Louise's story to find out how to nurture leads, stay inspired and write copy that is bursting with personality.  

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